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Although not a vehicle, every mobile home has a VIN number. Now that you've verified ownership of the mobile home, why not look into.
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To apply for your manufactured home title, please visit any Indiana BMV license branch. Download the required documents checklist above to ensure you have all required documents. Sales tax is due upon application for title for a new manufactured home based on the purchase price. The purchase price includes the delivery, set-up, and utility connections.

Requirements for paying the sales tax to the Indiana BMV or proving sales tax was already paid is outlined in the documentation requirements provided above. A person who holds a certificate of title, a certificate of origin, or otherwise owns as an improvement, a manufactured home that is attached to real estate by a permanent foundation may apply for an Affidavit of Transfer to Real Estate ATRE.

However, a person is not required to apply for an ATRE to convert a manufactured home that is attached to real estate by a permanent foundation to an improvement upon the real estate upon which it is located. The Affidavit of Transfer to Real Estate Manufactured Home Application Packet provides a detailed list of the documents required to be submitted with the application. Complete the retail value request form PDF and email it to rvadmin hcd. When a manufactured home or multifamily manufactured home is installed on a foundation system, the home will no longer be registered by the Department of Housing and Community Development HCD.

Registration and Titling ContactRT hcd. If you need in-person assistance, please visit us at one of our Registration and Titling offices. The products and services advertised are not promoted or endorsed by HCD. Check Information Bulletins frequently for additional information pertaining to registration and titling. Registration Renewal Renew your registration through our online portal. Fees Refer to the complete list of fees for all registration and titling purposes. Forms You may download forms associated with registration and titling of your manufactured home, mobilehome, commercial modular, floating home, and truck camper.

The tags simply prove the home was properly inspected at the factory. Yes, I understand that there is one HUD label for each section. Titling used to be the same one title for each section but most states have changed that to just one title per home now. I was researching a home with a tag number that started ULI. Some are numbered differently. I recently bought a Fleetwood sqft double wide HUD label no. It is on a private city lot with a block foundation. When I bought it I fixed it up and cleaned the brush and lot up to make it look nice….

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Any idea where I can find that info. You may be able to get a range of manufactured home prices for the year your home was built from a consumer or government housing statistic site HUD or US Census, maybe? That will have a bigger impact on your taxes at least in WV it does. I am trying to buy a home that the real estate agent says is a modular home. It is a Fleetwood Highland Park Model L built in and on a permanent foundation cinder block perimeter. Is there any way to tell for sure?

Modular homes are different from manufactured homes because they must meet both local and national regulations. I would suspect that your bank knows best though. They can type in model numbers or whatever and bring up all the info about it all manufactured homes must be inspected and recorded by a licensed HUD agent at the factory so that info ties in with the system.

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You may find more info on that model at the Fleetwood website here. Did you find out what your home was?

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I am in insurance and have a several things to look at to determine. The best way is that the home would have a Deed if Modular and a Title if Manufacturer. I would love to ask you a couple of questions. Would you mind if I emailed you? My double wide is listed as real estate, but in trying to sell this home, HUD is asking for a tag. The house has been remodeled and no papers are in the house and they put siding on the home. I have checked with my counties personal property ,and real estate offices and they have no title. Any suggestions on how to proceed to get a tag?

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Thanks, Linda. Fortunatley, you can order it over the phone or on their website. Click here for the website and then click on more information. My parents bought this doublewide in Long story short , our names were not on the title. Found out it is registered to someone else with the same serial since How does this happen and what to do? Has the taxes been paid since ? In my state WV , a title is really just a certificate that states the tax was paid and the state has given the owners permission to transport the home but it is used to prove ownership.

Usually, a bill of sale will be all the proof you need. This is a seasoned and important article and I commend you for it. We are retired and now in Florida. Looking at the huge array of manufactured homes around Florida and have toured 4 factories to see their production. This is the first time we clearly was presented with the differences between manufactured Double-wide homes and Modular home clarification. Not one of the factories brought this to our attention. In fact we found one really nice double wide home with an added room and front porch finished interior.

However, When we asked about it being modular the sales personal stated no it a manufactured house. As you stated it is overwhelming at times, but now even though I have been acquainted with some of the housing industry before you have provided some additions to the puzzle. Something that more people need to read before purchasing.

Your article is appreciated and for your readers they need to graduate to reading and researching Appraisers evaluations of manufactured, Modular and site built homes. Your investment and equity depends on your knowledge and how the appraisers classify Modular not manufactured homes the same as site built. Modular homes have an inside hidden seal designating higher quality workmanship and resale value whether frame on or frame off. Hello I live in a Forrest park and need a a Digram drawing of the rooms and measurements of the inside of my trailer for getting a septic system put in.

There are some good apps and software that will help you do that.

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Room Sketcher seems to be the favorite but you can Google floor plan maker and get a list of all of them. We recently bought a Holly Parks. I am trying to find their website to see if there is some warranty on the roof. Do you know if they are still around? It looks like Holly Parks closed. They produced great mobile homes and average modular homes.

They had been increasing their focus towards modular homes which helped to increase their quality and options available to home buyers. We feel they best served mid-range home buyers. If they do reopen they would be worth a consideration. I recently bought a mobile home in the thumb of Michigan. Can you steer me in the right direction?

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Thanks for all of your help. I have a certificate label and a serial number of a mobile home. How would you find out who holds the title? I recently purchased a used Norris mobile home. QWhere can i find a diagram or specs on the sewer and water lines.

Where do I find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on a mobile home?

As far as sewer goes, that information is dependent on location and local code. The supply lines will have a single inlet, usually close to your water heater under the home. We have a few manuals here that may help you. Water lines are fairly basic so there should be some useful information in one of the manuals.

Mobile Home, no title or VIN on trailer...options?

I purchased a double wide last year. Paid cash. It was built in I recently applied for a reverse mtg loan. Unfortunately have been unable to locate hud tags in or out of the house.. Found a 5 x 7 form that has been painted over in master bedroom closet It appears to have raised letters Maybe metal Could this be what I am looking for? It may have your model number. Unfortunately, your home is not likely to qualify for a reverse mortgage as federal regulations require manufactured homes to be built after I could be wrong though. I own a Kropf double wide.