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Washington is a “no-fault” divorce state. You do You may need to file in another state. For more about Protection Orders, contact your court's protection order.
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Crouse says his practice, David J. Riverside in the U.

Single-Member vs. Multi-Member LLC

Bank Building, is a boutique law firm. Addicus has also developed a line of legal titles, which focus on divorce by state. The authors for the series are attorneys, each from a different state, who explain divorce laws and the process of divorcing in their state. Crouse, a graduate of Gonzaga University and the Gonzaga University School of Law, says he was asked to write the book by the publisher and after agreeing to author the book, started writing it in March and finished it that June.

I just had to discipline myself to do it. The page book is organized in a question-and- answer format and broken out into chapters about topics such as the divorce process, child custody, attorney fees and costs, spousal maintenance, division of property, and going to court, as well as resources and a glossary. The book is available at Amazon.

CPA's Guide to Tax Crimes and Divorce | Tax Lawyer

Divorce, he says, typically used to happen in the first seven or so years of marriage. He says the number of divorces involving couples who have been married a long time has increased dramatically. Washington, like most states, is a no-fault divorce state, he says, meaning neither party to the divorce is required to prove the other is at fault to be granted a divorce. Nor does Washington have a minimum residency requirement for divorce. Washington and Idaho are also community property states, in which all married persons are considered to own their property, assets and income jointly.

Crouse says because going through a divorce can be an emotional time, it helps to have a clear understanding of the divorce process, and knowing what to expect can lead to better decision making. One of the most complicated aspects in divorce can be the division of property, especially if it involves a business or a professional practice, such as that of a doctor, dentist, attorney or others.

Courts generally prefer one of two options in cases where spouses have owned and operated businesses together for many years, he says. Leaving both spouses as owners after a divorce is rarely successful in the long run. Corporations are owned by shareholders. Shareholders exchange money for the corporation's capital stock. Profits are distributed to shareholders as the owners of the corporation.

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S Corporations pass corporate income and losses to their shareholders. This is for tax reasons. A Limited Liability Company is allowed by state statutes.

Understanding Community Property States: LLCs & Taxes

The state may choose its regulation. Owners of an LLC are called members. Members may include individuals, corporations, other LLCs and foreign entities. When conducting business valuation for divorce it is important to know what structure the business has in order to best value and divide the worth. Often, the largest asset in a case where one spouse owns a business is the business itself, and often the biggest assets of that business are not liquid.

Marital property and debt is to be divided in accordance with the law in your particular state.

However, in a general sense, in a dissolution of marriage action, assets and debts have to be divided in a just manner or as set forth by the laws in your state. In order to achieve a just division, it is vital to have a business properly valuated to achieve that end. Common issues are then:. Valuation disputes: The standards are often governed by local rules. Division of the business : Will the business be able to continue operating if forced to liquidate assets? Tax ramifications : Section.

Your WA Child Support Order: What You Should Know

A practicing divorce lawyer will typically confront several typical interests in closely held corporations. These interests can be: 1 stock in the corporation; 2 membership in an LLC; 3 a partnership stake in a partnership; or 4 an ownership interest in a closely held family business. Being able to represent a client who is either the business owner or the spouse of the business interest owner requires a basic ability to read business statements. Here are a few basic starting points.

A "C" Corporation must file a separate tax return. Income earned by corporation that does not flow through to an individual's return, except to the extent that a spouse is paid wages or compensation that will be on the spouse's W-2 or forms. There, income earned from these entities flows directly to the taxpayer and will be reflected in the individual's tax return. Income from a single-member LLC should almost always be reflected in a Schedule C of the individual's tax return.

One option is to sell the business and divide the profits. The pros of this option are that both spouses may profit from a sale of the business and can use the proceeds to invest in their own business ventures. Plus, spouses can avoid additional financial ties to their ex-spouse. The downside is that this could take some time; many businesses can't be sold easily and it may be months before a buyer is found.

A second option is to buy-out the other spouse's interest. In a buyout, one spouse keeps the business and buys pays for the other spouse's interest. A buyout may be the best option assuming there are sufficient assets to complete the transaction. This can be accomplished if the buying spouse has enough cash or liquid assets available to pay off the selling spouse.

What Are Community Property States?

Alternatively, the spouses could offset the selling spouse's portion of the business with other assets, for example:. If the business comprises most of the couple's net worth, the spouses may have to enter into a "property settlement note" or "structured settlement," which will be paid out over time to the selling spouse. A property settlement note is similar to a note at a bank - it should have a reasonable rate of interest, a definite term, and a principal amount. A third option is to dissolve the business. Dissolving business partnerships is governed by state law, so check your state's website for information about the process and the forms you need to complete.

It usually takes 90 days from filing a statement of dissolution usually a simple one-page form to dissolve a partnership. The process ensures that neither partner will be responsible for the other's debts and liabilities and, once dissolved, that neither partner can enter into any binding transaction on behalf of the partnership.

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  • It also renders your original partnership agreement void. Once the partnership dissolution is in process, draft a dissolution agreement with the help of a lawyer. This will outline the terms of the split and protect you against any future disputes or claims that might be brought against you. Probably the best tool for tracking down cash and other hidden assets are tax returns. This is because even a spouse who is attempting to hide assets or income through their business was probably not considering such action seven, five, or even three years ago.

    Divorce and Other Options for Ending Your Marriage with Children in Washington State

    The first line of can be important because it provides a social security number which can be used for other searches. The W-2's for the spouse as an employee can also be important. How does the past compare to the present? Bank Statements and Credit Cards can also prove to be equally valuable.

    There are several key things to look for in this regard. Do deposits match invoicing or account receivable? Are wages to relatives or close friends comparable to others performing similar tasks?

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