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On March 21, , U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman ruled the state's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.
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While this is a drop when compared to , same sex marriage approval still remains stable. This marked the first Pew poll where a majority of Baby Boomers supported same-sex marriage, and where a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents did not oppose same-sex marriage.

Child of lesbian parents opposes gay marriage - ABC News

This marked the first Gallup poll where a majority of Protestants supported same-sex marriage. This marked the first Gallup poll where a majority of Americans aged 65 and older supported same-sex marriage. The margin of error was 1. Public support for same-sex marriage continued to grow in As had been the case since , there remained a wide partisan division.

In March , Democracy Corps conducted a survey of 1, likely election voters in 50 congressional districts considered political battlegrounds. It asked respondents to rate their feelings on the same-sex marriage issue on a 0— scale, with being "very warm" or favorable feelings, and 0 being "very cold" or unfavorable feelings. Earlier polls in February and May found opinion divided within the margin of error, but with a consistent trend of increasing support and decreasing opposition compared to prior years.

The survey was conducted on a demographically representative survey of 1, U.

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In a poll, conducted on July 17, , by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute , 55 percent opposed same-sex marriage, and 36 percent were in favor. However, on the question of a constitutional amendment, more were opposed than for it.

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Prior to this poll, Gallup conducted a poll on the issue through May The poll found that opposition to same-sex marriage had fallen slightly, as other polls found a sharper dip. A International Social Survey Programme poll found that From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No recent polling data. Public Religion Research Institute. May 23, General Social Survey. Retrieved May 14, May 19, May 17, August 12, Allemande Right" PDF. Retrieved October 8, For Democrats?

A Republican". Washington Post.

Retrieved February 22, CBS News. Retrieved June 25, Pew Research Center.

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NBC News. April 12, Retrieved September 6, September 6, June 26, May 15, Wall Street Journal. Retrieved May 22, Retrieved October 28, Retrieved March 21, Retrieved April 22, March 10, Craighill and Scott Clement March 5, The Washington Post. Retrieved March 5, December Retrieved February 27, Margin of error 1. Quinnipiac University. Archived from the original on March 15, Archived from the original on June 7, Retrieved June 6, Accessed May 23, The Huffington Post.

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USA Today. May 11, When it comes to parentage laws, there is a complex legal landscape that varies from state to state. Pizer said that in many places, the law has not caught up with advances in assisted reproductive technologies such as surrogacy or in vitro fertilization that many same-sex couples employ to form their families. Variation in state law also becomes apparent when it comes to establishing and determining the parental rights to children of individuals who are not married. Unmarried couples, LGBTQ or not, are prohibited from adopting in many states, and the parental rights of each partner may not be recognized in all states.

For example, the nongenetic parent of a child may have their parentage recognized in California, but without going through an adoption procedure or obtaining a court order, she could lose any parental rights by relocating to Alabama. While married partners can employ stepparent adoption procedures, only 15 states and D. There are more than , children in foster care nationwide, according to the Department of Health and Human Services , with more than , of them awaiting adoption.


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LGBTQ people make up a disproportionate percentage of this pool, according to recent research. One in five same-sex couples Without such laws, they argue, those at religiously affiliated foster agencies would have to choose between their religion and providing much-needed services. Impeachment Inquiry Politics U.

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